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Local Walmart recognized for generous grant donation

On behalf of the Blue Ridge Unified School District, we would like to recognize and thank the Walmart Corporation (Store # 1230 Mr. Mike Oddo) for their generous grant donation to our school district. Together we are making a difference!

Walmart’s continued support for our academic and extracurricular programs is deeply gratifying to us. We are honored to accept this grant. Through your kind donation we have been able to supply our Jr. High School with much needed Literature books to fulfil our rich reading curriculum. As a result of this grant funding, students will have their own copy of the literature book needed for class work. Books that have been held together with spools of tape and bailing wire will be discarded; additionally, students will no longer have to share books!

Additionally, one of our outstanding Math Teachers has met with the good folks from Northern Pioneer College (NPC) in regards to becoming a dual enrollment math teacher. This type of advanced Highschool/college course work will require state of the art graphing calculators for our students. Our Walmart grant was additionally used to supply these calculators for those most in need.


Thank you Walmart!


Mr. Brad Pico

Grant Director, District Office Administration

Blue Ridge Unified School District


Thank you local Walmart