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IMPORTANT: BR Educational Information

Dear Blue Ridge Community:

While all schools and offices remain closed for access, daily instruction is continued. Effective immediately, meaningful learning content for all grade levels is available either online, email, or in hardcopy form (depending on student needs). Our goal is to provide online content and technology for all students. Shortly, students without a computer will have one delivered. Parents/guardians are responsible for monitoring content and application. Proper use of the equipment or sites accessed is left to parents/guardians to monitor.

Many elementary students received hardcopy materials today. Each Monday, content is emailed to elementary kids. However, recognizing some reside in remote areas, multiple points of distribution are used. Therefore, beginning March 25, along with meal deliveries, learning packets are included for kids at all three locations (McNary, Whiteriver, and Blue Ridge Elementary). Underway are efforts to distribute instructional supports at all established bus stops.

At the junior high level, weekly lessons and other home-based resources were sent to parents/guardians; this process will continue each Monday. Printed materials are made available at each of the three locations providing meals, (McNary, Whiteriver, and BRES). The JHS is also working to identify students without internet and or computer access; these kids will receive hardcopy packets until equipped with the needed technology to complete assignments online. JHS teachers are reaching out to students weekly to monitor progress and provide direction for both students and parents. Parents/guardians should email teachers and administrators any concerns regarding weekly lessons or their child's well-being. Work will be reviewed weekly. Spring 2020 semester grades will be issued on a Pass/Fail basis.

At the high school level, our intention is to have all students access online content for each core subject in which they are currently enrolled. Doing so requires a considerable amount of technical setup. Until this task is completed, the core subjects of English and mathematics are provided by email and hardcopy packets. The remaining core subjects, such as science and social studies, will soon be available. We also hope to provide access to elective subjects.

Our top priority focuses on keeping all seniors on track to graduate on schedule. This effort requires flexibility on the part of all participants, including; students, teachers, and parents. The goal is to keep our kids progressing toward their next phase of life. High school teachers and other staff members will reach out to all students to determine computer and internet access.

Importantly, for the Spring 2020 semester, given our resources and prevailing conditions, high school students earning the grade of (A) or (B) at the end of the third quarter of the current semester will retain these grades, provided they complete home-based assignments. However, students whose third-quarter mark was (C) or lower will be graded on a Pass/Fail basis. Traditional grading scales will return during the 2020-2021 School Year.

Anticipating some may oppose this approach, I apologize for any frustration, but gently remind all we are in the midst of a global pandemic and national economic crisis. I am certain difficult days lie ahead; however, we all must rise up and work together to support our kids and community. Thank you for your consideration.


Michael L. Wright, Ed.D.


Blue Ridge Unified Schools