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BRUSD Compliance with Governor's Executive Order 2020-51


In accord with the Governor’s Executive Order 2020-51, all students requiring special supports, including special education, English language learners, and those residing in foster care settings, may access their respective campus and support services despite school closure for on-site learning. On-site instruction and monitoring are available Monday-Friday during school hours for students who qualify. The only exceptions limiting access are a statewide closure mandate or a temporary closing in response to school or district-wide outbreaks of the virus.

Additionally, some may qualify for on-sight supervision if they do not have a safe place to go during school hours, Monday through Friday. In such cases, to ensure preparation, parents/guardians must contact their child’s respective principal, special education director, or teacher to review individual needs and circumstances. Our schools will continue providing transportation and meals to students receiving on-campus supports. Food is also delivered (two meals at once) to 20 different locations throughout our community, Monday-Friday.

Importantly, the District intends to meet the needs of all students considered ‘at-risk’ that may require on-sight monitoring or support. No student suffering immediate needs— such as those outlined above, shall be turned away.

Furthermore, individual and group counseling is available for all Blue Ridge students. Anyone in need of such support should contact Becky Montoya, or their respective school to set an appointment. The Employee Assistance Program provides free counseling for employees requiring help. As shared previously, Blue Ridge schools want to assist students experiencing family hardships. We are here to help! If any student needs assistance beyond virtual settings, including, but not limited to, monitoring, please contact the students’ respective principal, special education director, teacher, or the district office to discuss your family’s situation.

Further, Blue Ridge provides open-learning labs Monday-Friday for anyone lacking a safe place to go, access to internet connectivity, or in need of supervision. However, these are NOT daycare settings. The District offers all such supports as outlined above. To ensure proper organization and social distancing requirements are satisfied, those wishing to participate must coordinate with their local administration in advance. Ongoing communication is vital to help us maintain a safe, productive, and organized environment for all.

Moreover, Blue Ridge School has implemented safety protocols district-wide, including physical distancing and mask-wearing for all staff and students to help provide a safe environment. Even so, we cannot guarantee your child or a family member will not contract the COVID-19 virus while attending or participating in any school service or activity. Therefore, all parents/guardians must sign a liability waiver before their student(s) are permitted on campus.

Lastly, as previously communicated, all students receiving special education, English language acquisition, or those residing in foster care settings have access to their respective school campus Monday-Friday during school hours. Thank you for your consideration.


Dr. Mike Wright
Blue Ridge Unified Schools