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5th Grade Class Placed on Symptoms Watch 11/15/2020

Dear Parents/Guardians:


We are encouraged by the recent medical progress made in combatting the COVID pandemic and remain hopeful better days are ahead. Until then, however, we appreciate your patience and cooperation.   


Our School District works closely with the Navajo County Department of Health to keep our students, staff, and community safe. Thus, we report all suspected and confirmed COVID cases to the County without delay. Blue Ridge also implemented procedures to reduce the spread of this disease if detected in our schools.


Recently, a Blue Ridge fifth-grade teacher tested positive for COVID. Subsequently, due to possible exposure, their entire class will remain at home on 'symptoms watch' until November 30, 2020.


An elementary student belonging to a different class also was placed on symptoms watch due to a family member testing positive for the Coronavirus. As a precaution, the District took the same measures outlined above.


As a matter of information, 'symptoms watch' requires close monitoring of the person's health and immediate medical attention, including testing if COVID signs appear.


Please note, we acknowledge the hardships for some created by online-only instruction. Consequently, we will do our best to continue offering modified face-to-face learning options if we can do so safely. 


Lastly, given the rapid spread of the virus nationwide, our schools may suffer an outbreak. Therefore, we recommend parents/guardians prepare for a possible return to K-12 online-only learning should further mitigation measures become necessary. Thank you for your consideration.






Mike Wright


Blue Ridge Schools