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Dear Blue Ridge Families:

Over the past several years, our district invested significantly in emergency planning, addressing many natural disasters and other threats commonplace in today's society. Our preparations include training for active shooter events.  Employee and student training have been provided, with more to come during the spring of 2022. Our emergency response efforts are focused and ongoing.

Additionally, our schools are equipped to secure students and staff members against external and internal threats, including school shootings, such as yesterday's tragic event at a Michigan, high school. Our prayers are with the town of Oxford, Michigan, and those suffering the loss of a loved one and all receiving medical treatment.

Please note that nobody is allowed access to entry once schools are in LOCKDOWN. All must silently shelter-in-place, with only first responders permitted access to any school-operated facility in LOCKDOWN or LOCKOUT status. In both instances, blue lights are illuminated, indicating a school emergency.

Notably, school access is also denied during LOCKOUT status, enabling students and staff to move about inside with all exterior doors locked. Still, only law enforcement and medical personnel responding to an emergency incident are admitted into schools or permitted to leave campus. Please remember, blue lights indicate that nobody (including parents or guardians) is allowed access to any school or district facility, and no one can leave.

Moreover, when parents rush to schools during emergencies, they increase confusion and reduce access for emergency vehicles dispatched to provide protection and life-saving care. Furthermore, traffic congestion also slows the transport of students away from danger and to reunification sites. During actual emergencies, parents and guardians are notified where to go to reunite with their children.

Lastly, please stay tuned for more information regarding Blue Ridge school safety and the district's ongoing efforts to provide all with safe and secure learning and work environments. I appreciate your consideration.


Dr. Michael Wright

Superintendent of Blue Ridge Unified Schools