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Important Announcement


Dear Blue Ridge Family:


We’re preparing for the heightened potential for wildfires. Most importantly, we continue to refine our fire evacuation planning, including actions taken during the school day if necessary.


If an emergency evacuation occurs during school, we transport everyone to a safe location where they are supervised and supported by our staff until reunified with their parent(s).


Soon, we will publish our reunification procedures and the sites used to reconnect students with their families should evacuation occur during school hours.


Please note, given the persistent dry weather, high winds, and fires burning regionally, summer school may be affected if the safety of our students and staff comes into question. In such cases, we provide notification of any schedule and program changes as far in advance as possible.


Please provide updated contact information to your children’s school(s) ASAP, including your current home address and phone number(s), to ensure you receive critical school notifications,


We will continue to monitor regional and local fire conditions carefully, working closely with fire officials and making whatever adjustments necessary to ensure the safety of our students and staff. Thank you for your consideration.



Kind regards,



Mike Wright