• High School Class Registration

    BRHS Class Registration is now open. Currently enrolled students at BRHS will have registration information sent to his/her school email. Refer to the instructional videos to guide the process in picking classes and making sure that your schedule is saved, submitted and ready for the counselors and administrators to begin building student schedules. Click on your grade level Exel file to download your registration sheet. Follow the directions in the videos as you fill out the registion sheet.  Contact Adam Reeck at areeck@brusd.org if you have any questions or need assistance.

    Here is the high school course content book to assist you with choosing courses:
    2020-2021 Course Content Book

    Upload Registration File Here(Once you have completed your Excel registration file)


    Freshman Registration

    Sophomore Registration

    Junior Registration

    Senior Registration


    Refer to the videos below for further guidance.

Schedule Registration Introduction
An Approach to Schedule Building - All Grades
Must Watch! How to SUBMIT Your Schedule
Blue Ridge University
Student Taking Choir
Student with Programming Interests
Freshman Math and English - Must Watch
Freshman Standard Student
Freshman Honors Student
The YJLC if You've Failed a Class
Math and English for Sophomores - Must Watch!
Sophomore Standard Schedule
Sophomore Honors-type Student
Sophomore Thinking About NAVIT
Junior Standard Schedule
Junior NAVIT Schedule
Junior Honors Schedule
Senior Standard Schedule
Senior NPC Heavy Schedule
Senior Navit Schedule Options